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Cliff Lynn

About the Poet

Cliff Lynn has done some stuff.

A U.S. Navy veteran and gong show reject, Cliff has published over 50 poems and short stories in various small press and online journals, including Mount Hope, Amaranth, Grub Street and Third Point Press.

Poet laureate of Tuscarora High in Frederick, MD, Poetry Out Loud judge, literary death match participant, and co-star of Barbara DeCesare's three-act play "cliff gets kicked out of denny's a lot." 

With Rocky Jones and Pam Winters, Cliff co-hosts two monthly reading series in Annapolis, MD.

Cliff lives in Westminster, MD, and frequents Birdie's Coffeeshop.



Spring 2016 »


we called my cousin
gideon “buddy,” I guess
because no one wants

to be called gideon.
buddy was six months
my senior, to the nano

second, and often lamented
that neither of us had been born
green, or a robot, or a giant squid.

one day buddy found
he had been adopted
by our grandparents,

and magically became
my uncle buddy. uncle buddy
began ordering me around.

I would say “you’re not
the boss of me” and
he would say “mind your

elders, now!” buddy would
say “we may be cousins,
but by god I’m your uncle”

and I would say “what is this,
chinatown?” and we would laugh
and laugh, our laughter a strange

opera, the low music of half-starved
dingoes loping dizzy across
an early melting february lake.



love most righteous, take four

love is a bus. c’mon,
let’s throw ourselves under!



Cliff Lynn ~


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