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Henry Braun

About the Poet

Henry Braun, poet, teacher, activist, loyal friend, and very sweet and joyful man, died on Oct. 11, 2014. His latest book was Loyalty: New and Collected Poems (Off the Grid Press).

In the 1960s he organized poetry read-ins against the war in Vietnam and participated in the War Tax Resistance movement, and helped organize a draft card turn-in at the Justice Department. He was an un-indicted co-conspirator at the Boston 5 trial with Benjamin Spock and Mitchell Goodman.

To honor his life a yearly Memorial Poetry Prize has been established for the University of Maine system students and graduates.


Spring 2016 »

Buddha Said “Everything Comes Out of Nothing”

Every letter of “n…o….t…h…i….n…g” holds to itself
strictly, as if Silence were its queen,
in a world where pennies are the pelf,
refusing, hour by hour, deepness to mean.

There is no Bo Tree in our New England.
Please, EVERYTHING, leap out from my hand.




It being time to call Everyman
by his first name and Everywoman by hers,
in this forest I unfold my retable,
three cosmogonies hinged together:
a blue paradise, a vernal green,
a shimmering black for this sinner.

After all, all arms were turned
on similar spindles. Films
in closeups show our faces
reflecting cities & solitudes one by one
as mine does, encounter by encounter.

Now, as we gather in this forest,
I spread my retable flat upon the ground
for a picnic with Everything
and Everybody. My shadow aside
as usual, I smile,
letting the plural
wind itself up again in rhyming sound.



Henry Braun ~


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