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Lisa Jennings Munson

About the Poet

Lisa Munson is the founder of Poetry in the Park Poetry Reading Series, Severna Park, Maryland.

She was the recipient of the 2010 Anne Arundel Community College Foundation Metrical Poetry Prize, and her work has appeared in Amaranth and Haggard and Halloo.

She co-edits Fledgling Rag and adjudicates various poetry events, such the World Artists Experiences Writing Project and Poetry Out Loud Maryland Regional Competition.

Spring 2015 Poems ~

why gravity
  because it is a force
  because it brings us down to earth
  because it summons the tides
  because it transforms slides and swings into thrilling things
  because it defines the paths of the heavens
  because it anchors faith
  because it helps us find our balance
  because I’m sorry would fall hollow
  because it pushes us apart then brings us together
  because it holds our grief
  because it gives weight to our tears
because it brings us to our knees



it’s not the yoke of woe
pulling you down like
wet clothing with rock-laden pockets

it’s not the unexpected
bubbling up of sorrow like
a last breath from the lake bottom

but the dead weight and no
rising above it



[the way]

the way
  time opens promise
    forgiveness cleanses memory
      grace turns the page

Lisa Jennings Munson ~


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