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Sarah Browning
Guest Editor
Delaware Poetry Review • Spring, 2016


Sarah Browning

Sarah Browning

I love pulling together a selection of poems more than almost anything. I love how poems talk to one another, bounce off each other, how a particular gathering can represent some of the range and excitement of American poetry today.

I am incredibly grateful, therefore, to the editors of the Delaware Poetry Review for inviting me to be the guest editor of this issue. I got to see new work by poets I’ve long admired and introduce myself to voices new to me. I am proud to include poems by the late Henry Braun, whose spirit animated several Split This Rock Poetry Festivals, a biennial gathering of socially engaged poets I help organize.

The poems here take on the big issues: History and its contortion of the common human story. Family – both what is precious and what breaks. The body. The press of love, its ache, its sorrow and glee. Illness. Poverty. Suicide. How we are tender to one another and the many and varied ways we are not.

The poets address these subjects using a beautiful, blazing diversity of styles and approaches. Some poems are funny, some tell stories, sing praises, lament. Their language is plain, it is twisted, it is relentless.

II’ll let you choose your favorites.


About Sarah Browning

Sarah Browning is co-founder and Executive Director of Split This Rock: Poetry of Provocation & Witness and an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies.

Author of Whiskey in the Garden of Eden and coeditor of D.C. Poets Against the War: An Anthology, she is the recipient of artist fellowships from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, a Creative Communities Initiative grant, and the People Before Profits Poetry Prize.

In March, 2014 Browning co-edited a special Split This Rock issue of Poetry Magazine with Don Share. She co-hosts the Sunday Kind of Love poetry series at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC, now in its tenth year.

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