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Bogg is a journal of contemporary writing. Its goal is to combine memorable and innovative American work with a healthy leavening of writing from England and the Commonwealth. It contains poetry (to include prose poems, experimental/visual poems, and haiku and tanka), very short fiction, occasional interviews, reviews, and line art. It is published in America and distributed in the U.S., England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The magazine is copyrighted, but all rights revert to authors upon publication. Payment is two copies.

Poems can be submitted single-spaced; the editors ask for double-spaced copy for fiction, interviews, and reviews. We do not consider simultaneous or e-mail submissions, but we occasionally use previously published material. Any submission without a stamped, self-addressed envelope will not be returned.

Bogg was founded in England in 1968 by George Cairncross as an alternative to the rather polite, formal, and exclusive British literary magazines of that period. It has always had a firm grassroots base, reserving a significant amount of space in each issue for writers making their first appearance in Bogg. In

1975 the magazine, still published in England, added an American supplement edited by John Elsberg. In 1980 Bogg moved to the United States, and Elsberg became the publisher and editor.

The contributing editor for Canada is Sheila Martindale; for Australia and New Zealand, Wilga Rose.

Contributors have included Ann Menebroker, Guy Beining, Miriam Sagan, Hugh Fox, Lyn Lifshin, Robert Peters, Laurel Speer, Charles Bukowski, Joan Payne Kincaid, John M. Bennett, Richard Peabody, Todd Moore, Kyle Laws, Gary Blankenburg, A.D. Winans, Marcia Arrieta, Dan Lenihan, David Hilton, Kathy Ernst, Art Stein, Martin Galvin, Elliot Richman, Jim Kacian, Joanne Lowery, J. Wesley Clark, David Alpaugh, Ruth Moon Kempher, Susan Sonde, Michael Dylan Welch, Richard M. West, Miles David Moore, Kelley Jean White, John Yamrus, and Joyce Odam, and such British/Commonwealth writers as Gerald England, Jon Silkin, Tina Fulker, Steve Sneyd, Andy Darlington, Derrick Buttress, Peter Bakowski, P.N.W. Donnelly, Patricia Prime, Leroy Gorman, and John Millett.

A subscription is $15.00 for three issues.
422 N. Cleveland Street, Arlington, VA 22201

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